A-Well everybody's heard about the BIRD

I should’ve put some lights but damn i forgot anyways i think it turned out well


Ugh, fullbright
Ugh, NPCs

I don’t mean to be rude or insulting in any way, but it seems you put little to no effort in this.

The real problem here is I cant put a song through the insert video


“All my friends are dying from man-eating birds, YAY!”

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No thats not the real problem here.

I don’t think a song would be able to make this image much better

Also the bird ragdolls are very hard to pose so i didn’t want to pose every single body so i added some npcs in the background


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Oh the birds.

I tried to make a “terrified” look but as you can see it didn’t turn out well.

Well you may not be able to understand this, but to make a terrified look, open up faceposer and don’t use the presets.

Am I going to fast?

I like your hostile attitude keep up the good work! Anyway thanks Cpt.Obvious i tried without the presets and his face turned into a female reproductive organ.

You can say vagina.

Also if your faces look like vaginas or clusters of flesh then your expression scale is too high

The real problem as it seems to me is that you haven’t had any kind of critisism, therefore you think your posing is great.
No offense, but it is not. It’s overall wonky and wierd.

Just keep practicing, and when you’ve become better, then you make threads.

Never, and I mean NEVER use NPCs in screenshots. Don’t take the lazy way out.


Also, don’t use the default HL2 citizens. Use Enhanced Citizens. They’re a lot easier to pose, and they don’t look as low-quality. You should also back up and zoom in a little to get a better camera view instead of this fisheye look.

I’m not sure if it’s just the model or what, but those settings look kind of low. I’d suggest turning them up.

My settings are maxed

I think that he’s just using a very, very badly-textured map

its ttt_67theway or something like that

So that’s a yes then. :v:

I’m feeling shock and terror, if you know what I’m saying :v