A Whale

I think, given the animal packs we have out there, that a whale would be very useful for comics and the like, particularly in ocean/dockyards settings. The type of whale doesn’t particularly matter, though I think a blue whale or a right whale would look nice. This is what I had in mind:






If anyone could take the time to make a whale, that would be fantastic! :smiley: No rush though, I haven’t got anything big planned.

I second this, even though whales creep me out for some reason…
But on topic, if someone could port from Endless Ocean for the Wii, they could get some good whale models, rather than making them from scratch.

Here there is a whale included

Apochedgie and RTB(RandomTBush) heard a lot of this like I was asking for Dolphins and Porpoises but I said stupid things because of my illusions but won’t do it again. But they said that Apoc and RTB will do the whales but everyone is asking for other stuff like BalenaProductions in YouTube want dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and they are working for other stuff of other people just wait but also that the a life guys. But since it is summer means that they do the models in time and relax also, but you can discuss this I can tell you this, 3DRipperDX helps captures models and texture, that is how Apoc and RandomTBush did with the humpback whale but needs explore other places in Manoa Lai Sea to get them. That is all I have to say but I don’t know how to do this unless I need a tutorial video that is HD and well explain for some games like Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2:Adventures of The Deep(Endless Ocean Blue World) to be finish with this.

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Have fun with the Humpback Whale until they make more.

The humpback whale looks like it’ll be quite useful. Thanks for the find, -Iker-!