A "Who Sprayed This Spraypaint" Mod


I was wondering if someone can create an addon where people can know who sprayed a spray paint by looking at it? I remember this was implemented in CS:S but I’m not sure if it’s in GMod. If there is one already, pardon me.


It’s also implemented in TF2 sometimes.

If I knew how sprays worked then maybe I would be able to. (Are they ent_spray or something similar?)

I don’t think they are a ENTs :frowning:

Then how are they detected? As I asked, are they something easily detected by lua?

How about make a hook to see if a players spray key is pressed?

Wouldn’t that only detect when it was sprayed and not after it was sprayed?

Everything in source is an entity

Technically everything except the level itself and water.

But enough of that, somebody needs to find out how to do this!

Aren’t sprays decals or something? Info_decal?

Hmmm… :raise:

We need somebody who knows this stuff.

Bump because I would also like this.

Look in NewAdmin.

It’s infodecal.

Well, as of now I don’t know if there is a way to get the actual entity object of the spray, but there is the GM:PlayerSpray hook. You could make it so that it prints the name and steamid of a player when he sprays something.

The example is untested but it gives the idea of how you would do it.
function GM:PlayerSpray(ply)
MsgAll(ply:Name() … " (" … ply:SteamID() … ") sprayed a spray at " … os.time() … ".
return true

NewAdmin has a plugin for it. You should check it out.

Are they sponsoring you or something? Do they pay you for advertising?

Or maybe he’s telling us that NewAdmin has this feature so we can take a look at how they did it.

HAH. :v:

He brings up newadmin every chance he gets…

Because NewAdmin has a lot of cool, unique features. AS WELL AS AN EASY MENU SYSTEM AND CHAT COMMANDS! YEAH!..