A Whole bunch of newby questions.

Well, I’ve been playing Gmod 10 on and off with my mate for the last few days, as we both used to play gmod 9 and had some great laughs.

There’s a hell of alot of content that can be added to the game, and it really is quiet daunting as alot of jargen is used and for an outside it’s quiet perplexing, so my searches to these questions have been fruitless.

  • Note - I do not want to download wiremod; there’s quiet enough in gmod to keep me entertained for now.

Question 1.) I remember in Gmod 9 there used to be a SWEP that allowed you to save contraptions, so you could load them at will later on; this was great for multiplayer saving - does anything like this exist now?

Question 2.) (without downloading wire) Is there a way I can use Player controlable turrets again?

Question 3.) We’ve been arsing around with some sweps etc (Such as nuke 4) but the effects don’t seem to work for anyone but the host on a lan game, can this be fixed?

Question 4.) Is there a very basic starters guide to sweps, like changing the firing type (like rapid fire rockets etc); Any guide I find is a bit out of my depth.

Question 5 - It’s been asked already, but without downloading mods and shit, is there a simple way I can get thrusters to work sensably. Having to spawn 50 , 10,000 power trusters to move simple contractions is a pain in the arse. There must be a variable in the games code I can change to modify there power?

Thanks in Advance


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