A wider expanse of weapons and the technology they use

I have loved this game so far (well except for the few players who kill me after I have saved them from bears) and I know the game is in alpha, but I still want to voice my opinion on the combat of Rust. One thing that bothers me for the time being, is the sudden rise from the hand cannon/pipe shotgun, to M4s and MP5s. I like how you start as a naked caveman and to me, should start with using caveman like weapons. The bow and hatchet are good but here is a few more ideas

Tier 1 Melee "caveman"
Caveman rock - Same as in game.

Shiv - Just a plain sharpened stick the size of a dagger in your hand, made for taking out unknowing players from behind (maybe an instakill animation when you creep up to them and strike them with it)

Club - The good old large stick for pummeling lesser cavemen, if would be easier to make, and give you a longer range than the hatchet at combat (In my opinion, since it would be a blunt object it would incur bleeding, but maybe injured instead.)

macuahuitl - (I am assuming that is an unfamiliar word to most) The good old Aztec piece of wood with shards of obsidian notched in, the first iteration of the sword, would give the range of the club but more damage.

Stone Hatchet - Same as in game.

Tier 2 melee "Tools"
Hatchet - Same damage, but not as good at gathering stone or anymore resources anymore.

Pickaxe - Same damage, but not as good at gathering wood anymore.

Machete - The machete would do better damage than the hatchet or pickaxe to players/creatures, but would be dismal at gathering would or stone, but would also reap in the fastest amount of animal resources.

Tier 1 ranged "Primitive Ranged"
Sling - One of the oldest types of ranged combat is the sling, I feel like it would not be as useful as the bow, but as the ancient weapons/cavemen thing goes, I would like to see it.

Crossbow - The tried and true crossbow, it would not shoot as fast as a bow, but the crossbow would be a deadlier more accurate trade off, in combat giving you one good shot before most likely having to switch to a different weapon.

Hunting Bow - Same as in game.


Blowgun - The blowgun would be a straight player on player weapon, since it would have short range, low damage, fast rate of fire, and with poisons (another idea I will explain) would be able to wound, cripple, blind other players.

Bolo - The bolo would be used to slow players running from you down (or anything else that wants to kill you) as it would deal little to know damage but cripple the movement speed of whatever it hits.

Atlatl - The original throwing spear, this would have a bigger impact than a bow in hunting and combat, but with a longer reload time since it is harder getting a spear into that notch than drawing an arrow

Tier 2 Ranged "Primitive Firearms"
Hand cannon - Same as in game.

Tier 3 Ranged "Black powder"
Flintlock Pistol - a direct upgrade to the hand cannon (as the hand cannon so far would be the only fire arm in that “tier”) it would be an immediate/slight delay fire, of an inaccurate musket round.

Musket - The first rifle to be made a slow firing inaccurate gun, but generally easy to produce compared to other firearms.

Blunderbuss - The bigger meaner form of the hand cannon widely inaccurate, but as a shotgun style weapon, that hardly matters.

Shrapnel grenade - the first of the explosives, not very good at harming buildings, and with a small blast radius, only decent at taking out other players from around cover.

Tier 4 Ranged "Wild west"
Revolver - Same as in game.

Pipe Shotgun - Same as in game.

Bolt Action Rifle - Same as in game.

Zipgun - The zipgun would be a one shot use throwaway weapon, that the player could make on the fly as a last ditch defense against an attacker.

Lever Action Rifle - The lever action for be a less accurate at distances, less damage, but faster fire rate than the bolt action, making for a more assault oriented weapon where as the bolt action is more for the snipers.

Tier 5 Ranged "Modern"
9mm Pistol - Same as in game.

P250 - Same as in game.

MP5 - Same as in game.

M4 - Same as in game.

Shotgun - Same as in game.

Tier 1 Mounted Weapons "Ancient"
Mounted Crossbow - The mounted crossbow would be a heavy crossbow, hurling large bolts down onto enemies.

Light Catapult - the light catapult would be used to swat at attackers hiding behind either man made battlements or boulders scattered throughout.

Tier 2 Mounted Weapons "Black Powder"
Heavy Musket - the light cannon would be a small swivel mounted cannon lobbing small cannonballs at the enemy

Heavy Blunderbuss - A large swivel mounted blunderbuss raining pellets down to foes

Mortar - essentially the black powder version of the catapult, dealing with enemies staying out of direct fire from your other defensive weapons.

Tier 3 Mounted Weapons "Wild West"
Gatling Gun - The Gatling gun would be the epitome of base defense with a large supply of ammo and a steady rate of fire, would scour any attackers away

Tier 1 Traps "Ancient"
Punji sticks - The deadly punji stick would be places in the dirt waiting for the wandered to step into it, it would cause injured and bleeding and deal a decent amount of damage, after about an in-game week the punji stick would dissipate.

Tier 2 Traps "Hunters"
Bear Trap - The bear traps would always injure and deal damage to whoever steps on one, but are a permanent trap until someone sets it off.

Tier 3 Traps "Modern"
String n Gun - The string n gun trap is a tripwire connected to a firearm where once the wire is pulled sets off the gun. This trap is a permanent trap until triggered or someone comes behind the gun and takes it as a free weapon. (most likely a pipe shotgun) (NPC’s can also set these off)

String n Noisemaker - The string n noisemaker trap acts in the same sense as the string n gun trap, but instead of setting of a gun, it sets off a loud noise to alert players that someone is near. (NPC’s can also set these off)

Above I stated something about poisons, well that has to do with the idea of another resource node (stone boulders, wood piles) these would be berry bushes, there would contain an assortment of berries in them that once you pick the berries the bush disappears (think of it like a the supply boxes in Radtown you can get, but spawning all over the place as berry bushes). These berries would range from edible ones, to ones to make poisons, healing ointments, anti radiation ointments, and more.

NOTE: I also believe that when using melee weapons, right clicking should act as a block function for combat purposes.