A Wire Grabber that can grab multiple objects...

I have made multiple things in Garrysmod now and I want to start going into details… If you have use Klaykings Roadstar you will have noticed it has an openable trunk… If you tried to put stuff in it you will notice that it doesn’t work too well…
My idea is a grabber that grabs a per defined cube or rectangular prism of space, and anything in it…

This would be good for spacebuild and roleplay as it would make hauling things require less grabbers…


  1. It must be able to grab multiple objects…
  2. It must have multiple options and sizes of space to grab…
  3. It must be wire…

If there is anyone out there that likes RP or SB and can code… please make this?

What do you mean?
Heres the normal grabber: ]-----
Heres an object: ()
Would you like it to be like: ]-----()----()
So it goes through the first prop and moves on to the next? Or else it would need to have 2 beams, which you can easly achieve with spawning 2 grabbers.

I think he means some sort of anti grav field, but controlable


| ()
| ()
| () ()

He wants something that grabs everything in a defined area.



Like that

Thanks for the drawing concept…
Here is what I’m talking about:

<-grabber field


I would like the size of the grabbing area to be customizble…

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