A Wonderful World (the most original/beautiful concept you'll ever see)

aka i’m egotistical and full of shit

but i’m better than you


Eh, I’ve seen more original and beautiful things.

Well this doesn’t look anything like Alice in Wonderland in any way shape or form.

Also, those are some ugly ass house textures.

Cool bloom.

Some theme music would go even better.

What did you use to imitate slopes? Did you use materials?

Really, really good! All scenebuilding?

it’s a hl2 coast map. the only part of this picture that is part of the map is the slope, ground and wooden bridge. everything else like the rocks and whatnot was obviously added in

what’s Alice in Wonderland look like? all of the pictures I see of it are Johhny Depp looking like a behemoth peter puffer.

I was going for the classic gothic look, except in a much more bright mood.

Looks damn awesome, ugly textures? Are you on drugs? They totally fit the picture

actually I kind of agree. The textures overall are pretty good other than the shanty on the far left. It was made for a skybox and was just rescaled – I didn’t think about adjusting any textures. With the use of displacement maps (that’s a pair of words you have never heard of before) I could definitely go back and adjust that, though.

But I’m not going to, so cry about it.

My comment was directed towards vman. I’m to lasty to quote


Contradiction right there, but w/e

It’s randomly blurry at random spots, but all the edges are jaggy. The textures and crap and look like they came out of a ps2 game.

It’s shit.

The resolution of your pictures confuse the hell outta me, makes me keep trying to scroll to the right.

lol there is no door within the door frame.

the Zeno Clash characters and creatures do not look like they fit.

(yes yes it’s been said but fuck you I’m still pointing it out.) the building textures are fugly.

Everything else looks nice.

jealous much? 69105 is better than you will ever be.

Prime example of a kiss-ass.



cry about it

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

does that count?

obviously not since you continue to barrage me with tears, nerd. don’t be jealous that 69105 owns your ass at everything


yo i sure you it isnt the best concept i ever seen


50th Post! :downs:

cry about it nerd