A working mot'd

All of them are broke, can anybody make one? :sigh:

what is a mot’d



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Like a VGUI with a HTML control panel in it that displays information about the server.

I have one that I made for myself, it’s just a basic motd script only thing is that you need to host the motd on a website. Maybe someone can alter it? I will post a link soon.


Should work, but it was hastily put together and may have bugs, but it has worked fine for me.

Way to crash clients as soon as they connect

Lol if you KNEW LUA then you know you can load it 5 seconds after they Initally Spawn. Dipshit.

Way to tell someone who knows more about Lua than you will ever know that they are wrong. A good MOTD should not consist of a HTML panel at all.

Sure he does, at least I get paid on a daily basis…(Now back on topic) I’m only saying HTML panel because if they don’t know LUA (FYI: Why they are in the Lua Request Forum), then they can just use HTML which isn’t as hard to test and is quite easy to create.

User friendly makes happy customers.

BaconBot fails. As evident from V3 code.

Why not? Can always load a text file from the data directory that contains the html of your motd.

Until the next Steam update, the HTML interface is shitty. It will crash 50% of clients using XP, 35% of clients using Vista or 7.

What are you talking about its super stable even down too when it fucks your lua temp folder and you have too restart O and dont forget the random crashes they are a key part of baconbot

Really can’t wait until we can use Webkit for our motds. :smile:

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