A wounded and tired man leans on the doorway.

After five days of trekking through wet, cold cottage country, he finds an old cottage and begins to prepare it for the zombie horde that has followed him cross country. He boards up windows, puts planks across doors and lights a fire for warmth. After making sure all the doors are locked and windows covered, he stops, lights a smoke, and takes a second to think. Smoke drifts across the floor from the wet wood, then, the sound of slow, dragging footsteps is heard outside.

C&C please.


Not bad. Burning on the newspapers is nice.

Pretty sweet, but the smoke down below his feet put me off. a little bit… Other then that, have a Artistic award!

Is there a board floating behind him? Pretty neat work though. Have wood.

The smoke on the bottom is 2d and the white dots around the pic are random.
I like the rest, the cigar and the lights around the paper are nice.

Ya, sadly the dots are sprites from the map itself. I also see what you are saying about the smoke on the floor… shoulda put more layers to it.

I love wood!

Just gonna bump it if anyone missed this.