A wounded combine attempts to stay in the fight



Something about the M16 looks off.

maybe the fact that it’s lodged up your mother’s pussy





This awesome.

It almost looks real

But he doesn’t look very wounded!

He is just lazy, Isn’t he?

It’s nice lookin, but it seems like you could have done a lot more to it.

And there doesn’t seem to be much fighting going on either.

YES! no more descriptive titles that ruin the picture. As Vman said it could use some extra editing, and something is missing.

I love the lighting on the Combine.

What map is this?

I saw your name and came into the thread expecting something pretty cool but i saw a (nicely edited) bland picture.

You’ve given yourself too much of a good reputation in terms of making pictures :v:

Combine lol

It’s good.


he was emotionally wounded

haters gonna hate

should of put some sort of fighting into it… nonetheless its a nice pic


that’s mean :frowning:

i feel ya’ usaokay :buddy:



why you postin pictures of your bro