A wounded person looks at the remains of a town as a chopper fly away

yeah i used the left 4 dead infected

pretty damn boring :frowning:

Looks good.

Nice screenshot but you should try something different.

Out of ideas

Pose three infected polices shooting at a horde of normal peoples who’re coming at them.

Gangsters giving drive by’s (no infected), A car bomb going off, A sniper assasinating someone 3 ideas wich i could think off in 5 seconds.

Awesometastic. Could use a bit some effects, like smoke coming from the ruins.

Fantastic camera angle and build. Nice work.


Epic stuff like everytime

Watch some films, play some video games and recreate scenes/scenarios from them. Right now I’m going to be making lots of District 9 and Inglorious Bastards stuff; I have so much inspiration from those two films I’m not going to have time to make all the poses I have in mind.

And then the town fucking explodes.


Thank you

The Bear Jew scene.


Fantastic scene though.

“get to da chopp-oh fuck!!”

Thats pretty old.