a wounded rebel being shot in the head

more practicing


I was running around on a level in garrysmod where there is a combine sniper.
I got killed by it and though like hey lets remake it with ragdolls and shiet and lol hax im getting better at this shiet.

Why’d he run at a sniper without a gun?


Also, the editing is fantastic. We gots to talk. If only you would add me on steam :saddowns:

Boom, headshot!
Anyway, the editing does look good. :v:

shot him in the eye…
the fuck.

leg movements seem odd for a guy who just got shot in the face.


Why is he smiling

Who says you can’t die happy in a combine controlled world where you’re fighting for your life every second and haven’t been able to get a stiffy in years.

if only you made his head explode :c

that blood is amazing, and the laser as well.

Entry wound could be better, but the exit wound and blood are both awesome. Dust and motion-blur are nice.

That medic is one Leeroy Jenkins. Charge a sniper without a gun.

Looks good man, you are getting better.

owned, nice pic, I’m guessing he tripped/slipped as he was charging the sniper.

That or me actually looking at the title carefully would have known “a wounded rebel” meant he fell after he was wounded putting him in that position to get shot…


heh, a sign I have to much time to spare

The only thing thats weird imo:
Is it a lasergun? Then why does the laser stop at his head? wtf

I agree with the above in terms of the nice and accurate blood spattering, among everything else. The facial expression I won’t say too much, this guy is already dead so your face pretty much goes limp anyhow…at least I’d believe so. Good work all around.