A Xenophobic Francis sits next to Saren on a spacestation

I’m to get into the groove of posing turians. Which, with ragdoll has proven to be both easy and difficult [not that that makes any sense].

“I hate alien races…”


-My God, Francis’ belt is going through his arm…
-Saren’s a goober.
-Liara’s next to Francis but floating off the seat and her neck did started stretching.
-This is the first of some pictures I did starring Saren. Some will get odd.

Nice. Francis makes laugh, for some reason.

Lol. Francis is about to punch Saren. :v:

I hate trains…

go join a parade

I never knew how short Saren was.

The facial expressions look great.

I loled at the notes.

Nice picture. Rated a funny.

He’s actually really slouching in this picture. In a picture I will show later he is much taller.


Thanks y’allin’.

It’s funny how Saren’s hissing at Francis.

i always thought they looked like cats, dunno why.

i love his face, it really shows that perturbed annoyance of having to sit next to the hobo on the subway

So did I. Especially Garrus, reminded me of my cat Fuzzy.

Garrus was fun, everytime he started talking i’d go “meow meow meow” for every word.





“Stop th-”


Saren looks like the Spitter’s alien husband…


Another idea just occured to me. :smug:

Oh god no-


hell n-


“I’m out of he-”