A Yacht

I was playing on a waterworld map and I thought to myself, “You’re not anyone if you don’t have a yacht.” Therefor, I present to you my yacht. Enjoy.

The back side.


The side.


The view of the back again.


The front.


The top view.


And since all of you really appreciate interiors and details, I will provide those aswell.




holy shit that is fucking NICE dude :smiley:

Looking good

Fuck me. I want one.

I came.

Nice modern looking yacht, and the bloomless photos are nice too.

Thank you for the heads up on the bloom. The pictures look so much clearer without it.

I thought the first pic was a real yacht when I first saw it :smiley:

Holy Fuck!

You gotta make a video of it

Goddamn rising star of the cuntraptions forum right here.

Great Job. One of the nicer looking boats I have seen.

I wonder how well it would blow up with a bit of GCombat or ACF?

IIRC, parented props don’t blow up well, right? So this will probably blow up okay, but not much interior stuff at all will blow up I think.

Looks very nice.

Any videos?


I love this so much!

Acf works great with parented props.

Not sure about gcombat but it should work fine.

If you parent it correctly, both works (TO A WIRE ENTITY EXCLUDING E2).

On topic, seriously nice boat you made. I love the white freshness about it, aswell as the interior.

io, where the fuck have you been all this time? all of your recent stuff has just been grade A awesome stuff.

Been waiting for a computer that has good enough graphics to take screenshots.

yeah Io, are these like ‘old’ things u r posting or are you just knocking them out, because they are fantastic