A young woman walks in on two guys and a girl.

“Your girlfriend was less vocal than we typically like. Now put some clothes on so we can talk. Or don’t, doesn’t really matter.”


Nothing much, but, getting there I suppose.

haha perverts!

looks good Wolfe

The right wall (its a wall, right?) is overblured and unnecessary for the composition
In other words, don’t scroll the picture right, guys :v:

i’m not sure about that. it works okay as a framing device. the right would be too open without something there

I don’t know. May be it’s only me, but this wall only distracts me from watching the scene itself
May be it’s because of the strong contrast between the bright room and the dark wall

Do we not know that the blurred “wall” is the door to the room, and as such would be at the same level of depth as the woman walking in?

Why do I see Robert DeNiro behind those glasses?

I always wanted to see Zoey nak- oh wait

I suppose so. It just didn’t feel right when the I didn’t have it in the picture.

Thanks everyone.

The gmod porn community took a blow today as a typical Rastifan pose was stopped by the suits.

it’s the beard! he has the same one in the deer hunter

i like the finger posing on the robert de niro looking guy. nice detail.

Winner rating!

Very well done!