A youngblood observing an elder sacrifice himself from afar


In-game editing, episode 2 forest map, notes are dumb.

C&C if you would.

Hunter is pretty good.But background i seen 1 billion times =\

That’s a damn Predator.

No, it’s a smoker, duh!


The depth-of-field isn’t focusing on anything and the Predator looks like he’s gonna fall.

I couldn’t get the DOF to focus right so I just left it alone, and I tried to make him look like he was about to jump as you can tell, couldn’t get the posing correctly. I just wanted to test out the model and let me tell you it’s awesome. Thanks for the help, I’ll work on both in future poses.

Set the elder’s wristband to overload.

Pretty cool stuff dude, Pallet’d :stuck_out_tongue: