a Youtube Audio player, where I can type a command in console to play audio to clients

Tried to explain my best in the title.

Basically, a console command to play a youtube video’s audio to all clients. This would mean an infinite amount of music. I don’t want any screen to pop up or anything, just the audio is played to them. They shouldn’t be able to mute it or turn it off or anything, that would kind of ruin it. Maybe they could change the volume on a slider in a menu in the Q menu’s options, and it could go as low as half volume. Admins should be able to stop all video audio with “stopvideo” command.

The command could be “playvideo videocode” or something. videocode refers to the string of letters/numbers etc. at the end of the video URL, for example:

in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or6R9-SKbrU

or6R9-SKbrU is the videocode.

This would be cool especially on that “mobias” map in the rave room.
We be jammin to the music of Knights and horses use to listen to.