A zombie about to eat a dead HECU trooper

My icing.

C&C, R&C.

Is it bad that i’m dissapointed this isn’t in the low-ressiness of Hl1?(It had charm)

Nah, it isn’t.

Also rimlighting is way overdone, looks like a cumstain

Hmmm, Chesty pointed that out too, but I couldn’t change it without doing it all over again.

All over again…

Danana naow! bakadah daow dadaow!

Also unblock me on steam.

I do not agree on that, it does not look like a cumstain.

lol, but maybe a bit too excessive yes. Still looking good.

Awesome but something aint right with the lighting in my opinion.

Apart from the rim lighting being a bit too strong for my taste, an excellet pic!

Cum doesn’t glow.

What?! She told me that was normal! Lying bitch!

But anyways, the rim lighting is indeed a little excessive. Certainly doesn’t look like cum though.

That rim light is a bit too thick, other then that its really good.

Also lol

Deathbucket’s criticism doesn’t count.

It does if you come inside a nuclear rector… Oh the hilarity

Good cam angle. Rim light not so much.

The rim lighting is really strong and should be toned down a little. Other than that, it’s awesome Joazzz.

Although you say it’s good, I got bombarded with Optimistics. What the fuck.

probably DB using some of his alts rating gaybows

He’s pissed because I didn’t unblock him :v: