a zombie and his dog

as this photo shows even in death dogs are mans best freind


Is this a troll?

? how is this trolling

I think it might be time for an upgrade, mate.

blah blah blah bitch bitch thats all u guys evar do on my threds is bicth wine and complane GOD

I think you should also work on your spelling.

Well, maybe that’s because your pictures suck? Horrible graphics, shit posing and no editing. In other words: Spend your sorry life on something else then this.

blah blah blah stfu serously

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

I know what you’re getting into kid, and I suggest you forget about this thread immediately

before it’s too late

You’re wasting your life…

i would but i need more things to work with (look at my requsts in the requst page)
maby then they wouldnt be so crappy

You need a new graphics card to work with first.

i know but im sharing my computer so sorry guy but i cant


Sharing your computer with what? Who? Someone who likes to pretend they’re still living in 1998?

His profile says he’s 14.

That explains it.

More like '88

Then stop posting these bad pictures on Facepunch If your sick of the comments.

lstin to this person hes right

Ugh, too late.