A Zombie clawing on window trying to get to a soldier.

Hello! <:-D How’d I do? Am I getting better with poseing or worse? |:-| Leave your thoughts and comments.


Raunchy, but awesome.

Is it the blood? Music?


The arms could be better placed, never imagined the UMP with a grip rail…

Like how the soldier is posed.

Looks quite good.

Blood looks like strawberry jam.

It gave me some difficultiy since that room is not in a skybox so every thing looked…blurry. <:-|

Thanks! |:-D

Oh shit. >x-D I see it now.

Looks good. Camera angle isn’t very exciting but the posing and lighting is nice.

The blood looks weird, but the soldier’s posing is awesome.

Thanks. |:-)

Thanks, the blood is a decal though, not eddited in…I have no idea in hell how to do that.

Who ever said that zombies don’t enjoy a little bit of flavoring every now and then?


You can see another zombie in the blood.

Oh. >x-P

That soldier is so stupid…

If you shoot the window the zombie get’s out. If he high tails it and run’s He has a better chance of liveing

What if it is bulet proof then…oh, wait it IS!! <:-|
And who said he was going to fire? >:-?

lol Got me there


good job, i think the blood looks quite realistic smeared over the glass, gives it a nice effect
oh, and is the corpse to the right a prop?

Both are.