A Zombie driving Gordons Jeep like crazy


Compare the original and the edited version: http://comparescreenshots.slicx.com/comparison/17130



Thats darn cool, I have to say!

The mud is incredible. Might need a bit more motion blur in places but overall it’s awesome. The physics of it is spot on.

I love the idea of the leaves, although the execution falters slightly. They stop too abruptly and look a little transparent.

Lighting is nice as usual.

Overall though, ace editing and original idea. Very well done.

That is really nice! I love the front wheels.
Also how can he drive without legs? :smiley:

OMFG !! awesome!

I like the mud editing.

I bet Gordon will be like :byodood: when he finds out that his jeep has been stolen.

Wow. Just wow. That is nice.

The mud is flinging as if the wheel was turning the other direction :x…

Still, made me lol.

How does he push down on the pedal?
Great edit.

Not a jeep but who cares! Nice.

Yea I noticed this too after posting it :V

Do you think that Zombie is a Spy?

Or he likes to tease Freeman.

I guess he went down a big muddy fucking hill :P.

He must be on cruise control, because he doesn’t have legs…

Editing is awesome. Great job.

Front wheel looks like it’s spinning backwards and the zombie needs to have an arm in the air like screaming HELL YEAAAA!
Other than that it is awesome AND artistic

Reminds me of that one Gmod Idiot Box scene.