A Zombie Gamemode - Apotheosis: A Chronicalling of the Zombie Apocolypse

This idea has been in my mind for years, and was the kind of thing I was hoping for in L4D.

What I am about to propose is cooperative gamemode for ideally 1-4 players.
Basic Concept-The concept is that all players immune survivors smack dab in the middle of a large, modern urban city where zombies lurk around every corner. The player or team of players would share a base or headquarters located in the center of the city (possibly a one-story office building, a single floor of a skyscraper, some sort of bunker, or a large apartment). This building would serve as many things; an upgradeable safehouse, Supply Shop (ammo, explosives, medical supplies, etc.), possibly even a social area for the team to simply pass some time. Every x minutes the player(s) would need to venture out into the city to an automatically assigned area to scavenge for food and what-not (things necessary for survival which are unavailable at the base shop) all the while fending off hoards of horrific undead denizens. The player(s) would occasionally be given opportunities to search for additional weapons in the city. There would be no true end to the game, and death of a player would only mean they would lose their weapons and supplies. This gamemode might the competitive type’s cuppa tea, but I know it would provide months of fun for a lot of people.
Advanced Concepts-
+Obviously this game would require a specially made map*, and a big one at that.
+HQ Store Continued: items in the store could be purchased with points or a currency gained from killing zombies and completing scavenging missions
+Player Versus Player: If the idea ever goes anywhere its players are bound to eventually request PvP. This could be incorporated by having a multi-HQ map where players would be free to form their own teams or go solo every team and solo player would be hostile towards each other and possibly gain supplies and weapons for making a PvP kill. The addition of PvP would cause the whole gamemode to deviate from the idea I have had all this time, but may be a key component in having this become successful.
+Classes/Player Characters: Perhaps in the beginning of the game players would be able to choose a class or character, this would dictate their appearance, health, weapon restrictions, run speed, tools, etc.
+Missions: To keep the gameplay diverse players could be offered/required to take on separate missions tellling them to; kill a certain amount of zombies, kill a certain “boss” zombie, loot a certain building, rescue an npc survivor (who would dissappear after the rescue and not play any part in the rest of the game).
+Zombies: I would not want to see the standard headcrab zombies who die with one hit to the head, but more realistic and scarier zombies who take significantly more damage from then a headshot than a bodyshot, but would still not die too easily.

So, there you have a most likely conclusive venting of my infernal idea. I myself have no scripting/mapping/model making experience myself, but I understand how complex this gamemode** would be to produce and this is why I don’t expect to ever see this created, at least not by one person and with out a huge sum of cash being paid. BUT, none the less. If some SDK/Lua god sees this thread and shares my enthusiasm for this idea so much so, that they decide to take a crack at making it; first of all, bless you for that, and secondly I would like at least partial credit for the concept. If it were up to me I would name the gamemode Apotheosis***: A Chronicalling of the Zombie Apocolypse (Apotheosis/Apoth for short)

Thank you all, and good night.

*This map would most likely have a night time setting but should still be well lit in most places with white street lights. Imagine the silent hill map by Sgt. Sickness, but not foggy, more modern, and larger (all based around the central HQ). If someone ever decides to do a map around these specifications, look to the map zs_thecity (available for download on garrysmod.org) for inspiration. The map itself isnt that big, and it’s buildings are very trashy and the entire map itself is very dark, but it’s still a fun place to hunt zombies.

**After some thought, I believe it could be possible to have a lot of these attributes in a map itself, but that does not make its scripting any easier to make.

***Apotheosis- Deification, a persons elevation to divine status

Erm… This has really been done already…

Not necessarily in the exact ways that you stated it, but a zombie survival with rpg elements has been done quite a few times.

Zombie Survival entails a system where there is an entire team of players whos compete with the humans and try to turn them into zombies, what I am suggesting is much more relaxd cooperative version.

It would be fun to have a sort of “MMOG” kind of feel to the whole Zombie Genre. For example, wandering across fields and ruins of destroyed cities, finding outposts of surviving humans, and scavenging for resources and shelter. It would be fun, imo.

Looks good, but I hate seeing “Hey, im gonna make a gamemode. I just need a mapper, texturer, modler, scripter and testers. i cough up the ideas” threads.

I wouldn’t mind the idea of something such as: Zombies are coming, you need to build up an area to stay, some sort of dynamically generated lighting to simulate day/night, during the day you would go out, scavenge for food and various other resources, during the night you would hold off the zombies, and keep going until you lose. Sort of like Onslaught mixed with Stranded.

I am not making this gamemode as I stated I have no exp with any of that, and never expect to see the idea go anywhere because that is what I stated it as, an idea.

That’s kinda like Penumbra from the gamemode contest, it wouldn’t take much modification to make it similiar to this.