A zombie gamemode

Welcome! If your going to say something negative, GTFO.

This game is about a zombie gamemode, whose name at the moment I’ve yet to decide. But to convince you to keep reading, let me tell you what’ll set this apart from the rest of the other gamemodes:

If any of you have played Zombie Master, then your likely going to like the sounds of this gamemode. In it, you can either play as a survivor, and gather NPCs survivors(Possibly), or team up with player controlled survivors. Or, if you find that boring as hell, you can be a zombie. As a zombie, you go around infecting, or better yet, killing survivors. Survivors you kill, not only do you turn into zombies, but you gain control over. Still sound boring? Well, your… WRONG! Not only can you spawn some guns, and then output rumors to attract survivors, including other survivors, allowing you to set up ambushes, you can also upgrade your zombies. I’m not entirely sure how this will go yet, but I’m thinking their going to be upgradable either how long they’ve been alive, or how many survivors your zombies have killed, or perhaps just that zombie.

Still not sounding good? I know one reason why, supplies sooner or later run dry… I’m sorry, you’re wrong again. Minus ten points. The military has managed to quarantine the city, but they’re aware that there are still plenty of survivors left, so they’re air-dropping supplies into the streets. But be warned, the zombies will know too, so get to them before they do. So what do you guys think?

It will also consist of having to eat and build barricades and all kinds of things, one of the nice thing is you’ll be able to fight players for supplies even if you wish.

Also, would anyone be willing to make a map like evocity for zombies for my gamemode?

The link to the website; www.Deadendgame.webs.com

That does sound interresting. Is this where a group of survivors build some sort of barricade and defend themselves for a certain amount of time, while the zombies breach it? (sorta like zombie survival but with more contents)

Well generally it’s just to survive and gather supplies, I could orient it more towards a goal that ends the game though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t do that! D: I like it, where survivors build a base and the zombies attack and break it.

Alright… I’ll see about making it so there’s a definete goal. How about it’s a bit like last man standing? Last group of survivors alive is evacuated, therefore it’s a competition of the survivors. And the zombie guy who kills the most survivors, NPC or otherwise wins as well?

Sounds good bro.

Thanks man.

sounds like mine, but it mine has only NPC zombies

IN either case, I’ll have all summer to work on it considering today is my last day in school. :slight_smile:

Why would zombies want guns?

I dunno. Maybe if their rednecks?

Looking forward to see some screenies!

I’ll try to have some soon, but my hosting service is giving my hassle, so in the meantime I’ll be working on a temporary map, would some screenies of that help at all?

I’m starting to think maybe I’ve got a better gamemode idea but meh… I dunno.