A Zombie killed by a school bus (Resident Evil

I thought about that scene in Resident Evil 3 - Extinction when the school bus kills a zombie with the sword
thingy things that are applied to its wheels. I couldn’t find a high quality school bus so I had to use some low
res bus from a big vehicle pack I recently downloaded. The zombie is from L4D as you can see.
The output might not be the best but atleast you get some kind of flashback of awesomeness if you’ve
watched the movie :).


By bodenlan at 2009-09-28


I lost my glasses somewhere he-


Boring. there’s nothing going on to the right, just empty space

His neck seams to be connected to the buses tire via some sort of blood tornado.

He’s legs are there. I usually get shit when I crop something like that out.


Watch resident evil extinction and you will get this pose much better.

I lol’d. How do we even know thats a zombie? Hmmmmm.

I know that! RE:A. God, I don’t like those movies.

Pic is like 70% blur and 30% action. But I have seen the movie so I get it.

First one was good, and the second, but they kinda screwed the third one up. The ending was crap.

But I like how this pic is linked to the film. Good job.