a zombie reaching for his legs


jabba my icing

Nice. The lighting is great.

This picture is funny.
Have a smiley

Really really good! :o the lightning is superb!

Poor zombie. :smith:

Nice lighting

“My icing…”
Nice lamp effect and lighting.


… you don’t have the quote the opening post. We all know what you are referring to.

“MffohGahhhhhhd!” Nice.

Whats with this “icing” thing I dont get it.

In HL2, EP1, EP2, the zombies would always yell JABBA MY ICING! So now it’s a joke :D.

Lol and what does that mean?

I lol’d when I read “My icing”

Cool lighting, but the zombie isn’t touching the ground :L

Eh… it’s okay I guess, but it seems really rushed and basic.

actually, I believe it was done in THE IDIOTS OF GARRY’S MOD, where Grigori was talking to a zombie, and the translation for the zombie’s speech composed of “Yabba my Icing”, and thus has become popular with the zombies in general.

Also, funny picture :slight_smile:

That yabba my icing thing needs to fucking die