A zombie RP?

hey just an idea, has anyone thought of combining one of the better rp gamemodes with a zombie theme, e.g having to survive and live in a zombie filled desolate city? i lack the time and skill to do something like this but i think it would be quite sweet

There are a few of them out there, some of them are Fallout themed but they’re not really hard to find.

the old FalloutMod did this quite well. Sadly it died :frowning:

Well shouldn’t somebody eg. the creaters make a V2 of fallout mod =)

You mean something like http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=790035 this?

no no i mean in a city not a wasteland. imagine i am legend style surroundings (maps) and a gamemode that allows you to set up clans, head quarters and things like that. again i lack the skills or know how to do things like this

http://winsaucestudios.com/ check out my Zombified World. The idea is basically 28 Days Later.


We’ll be releasing soon, script is created by the one and only Rick Dark, creator of Tacoscript 1 and 2.

I tihnk I know wat he is talking about.

A survival RP (Zombie Theme)
As in you have to board up your windows and doors to keep the zombies out for a limited time.
Resources run low constantly.
You cant do stupid stuff like spawn props at will and use your phys gun to move them around.
You get nails and hammer like in ZS v2 to keep things you find in place.
The AI will attack props between you and them instead of into them.

Am I on the right track?

BTW zombified world is a GOOD example but it was too easy. Well last time I played it all you have to do is get to an elevated place like a roof and boom Inf safe time… aka too easy.
And i played from release till a few weeks ago… it didnt get better in my opinion…

Am I on the right track?

yeah thats basically what i mean. but maybe in a big quite open world

So what you are actually trying to say is that you reckon an ‘I am Legend’ style gamemode will be good C=

Basically Zombie Survival

i would want stranded+zombie survival

so you ahve to eat and stuff,can use wood and such to built a fort and then at night or so ZOMBIES OMG

exactly. that thing right there