A10 Warthog, Merkava4, Many other MaxImashi Contraptions ;J



**, I haven’t posted shit in a while, but i’ve built tonsa shit, so instead of spamming you with threads, ima spam you with pics instead, Thanks to JimmySticks2001 for helping with the pics <3.
Most of these are unfinished, and all of them that function use ACF (Armored Combat Framework) which can be found on Guneland server :).

A10 Thunderbolt "Warthog"
-Has a working GAU8, Flies pretty well, Radar Tracking missiles, Retractable Landing Gear.





Merkava Mk4 BAZ
-Still in the works, Mouse aim on main and secondary turrets, Main is equipped with 120mm HEAT, and x3 30mm AP, secondary has 3x 40mm Automatic Grenade launcher, 12.7mm machine gun.




Phalanx Close In Weapons System
-A naval turret meant for pwning boats and shit, I’ve adapted it to equip 12 barrel 30mm Gatling gun and hit air targets with HE airburst rounds, Mouseai-blaglagl.



20ton 30mm Tank
-This tank was created in a build-off between me and karbine. mouse aim, fully functional etc etc-Need Moar picz…



25ton 120mm HEAT Tank
-Again created in a build off with Karbine, we were obsessed with anything HEAT and spammed HEAT grates and all that shit.





Racing Mech
-Completely Unfinished, looks nice tho rite?


BlackBird UAV
-Automated UAV, for wtf pwning noobs when you don’t have god mode.


Shard Spaceship
-Just some random spaceship design, doesn’t work yet.


Comments N Criticisms GOGOGOGO! <3***

a10 warthog and the AA gun is epic win :smiley:

acf is for fags

hi my name is foxton/

needs moar jeeps

nice stuff though ASS FAG


Shut it. When it’s out, it’s out, you jealous babby.

ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff bloom

hi my name is foxton/

I recognise a few :3 cool stuff, lovin’ it :smiley:

Love it all, the A-10 is particularly impressive. You planning on releasing?

These are fucking great, I love them. With one exception though, I dislike the Merk, but that’s only because you went for the MK4 and I hate the turret of it… Just looks like an cake.

You should finish your racing mech, it reminds me of this picture I drew a while back. I’ll try and find it

Sweet, I like the gun on the plane. The Merk, looks f-ing awesome even though the body looks a bit out of proportions. And that drawing looks cool. Inspiration!

hoyl fukc @ hardcock’s drawing

heres my shit from those build offs:

20 ton 30mm:

25 ton HEAT:

Some real cool shit you got there son

Effing Awesome Dawg.

your hog takes mine by the mouth and poops on it like a sick fat man, powerfully and with much strength and force. The way you kids build these days is impressive. now exuse me I have to go back to my gmod 9 and fester

Thanks for your comments everyone, I wont be releasing, mainly because i fucking hate it when someones like ‘YAH I MADED DIS’ and then i’m like… ‘No. ban

Anyway, The racing mech is infact based off of this picture


And omg, I chose to build merkava because the turret on mk4 looks <3

edit: oh shit you drew that? I can only draw animals… furry
Fucking awesome man.

Very nice, Even if those tanks do bounce around like hell.

Nice Job dude.

I’m also building an A-10, I just can’t get the cockpit shape right :confused:


Also, what is the prop in the little ‘bent’ there’s on the wings?!
I’ve been searching for a good one for ages :3

Pretty damn awesome, just one thing, GAU-8 has 7 barrels :stuck_out_tongue: