AA-12 shotgun

can someone please make this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnrizaO-X00

Something i think worshipper should do. Go PM him. He might do it.

Lmao, Worshipper isnt the only guy who can “HEX” a model and paste some code into it, Besides… 12 seconds hexing and CTRL + V is all you need for this… That and a model ofcourse.

you need a model first. I don’t really think there is one on fpsb.

there is a AA 12 (USAS 12) in kermites shotgun pack but its not really fast and realistic.

Since when is anything from kermite “Realistic” :3:

He copy+pasted most of the code from gun to gun and changed names and speeds of fire, clipsize, ect :lol: