AA-tank shooting down a gunship.

The editing didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, but I think it looks ok anyway. I’m too tired to spend more time on it.


What guns do they have? Editing looks nice.

Looks awesome.

Freakin’ epic!

Wow, we had, like, the exact same idea…

Just opposite viewpoints…

OMG… those explosion effects look amazing… Great pic :stuck_out_tongue:


Loved the smoke and the camera angle!
But there seem to be a weird part of the smoke, that looks like lines.

I clicked on this thread mindlessly not eve checking who made the picture, when I saw the picture itself I said to myself “Superfrog”.

Great work as usual.

Badass. The smoke isn’t perfect but who cares. The pic is great.

Nice work. Could use some explosions on the ship.

either an xm8 or a g36c

Good edit and nice pic! very cool!

Original, please ?