AA3 gamemodes

is it too hard to implement???

*Mission Types

  1. VIP - Your objective is to either, Escort or Intercept the VIP. I found this game mode to be both boring and fun, it really depends on if the VIP knows what they are doing. I felt myself almost falling asleep sometimes, because it would take the VIP the entire 10 minute round to come out of hiding and try and make it to the extraction point. It was even more irritating doing so while dead;

  2. Take and Hold - The objective for this mission type is to capture points of interest and keep them until you gain all three. When you gain all three points or all enemies are dead or incapacitated mission is complete;

  3. Extraction - Your objective is to capture or secure a briefcase with intel, and bring it to the extraction point. Both teams are trying to accomplish the same task so it is a very interesting game mode to play;

  4. Secure and Extract - This mission type is a variation of Extraction, except for the fact that one team will try to secure the intel and the other team is trying to capture it and extract it;

  5. Secure and Defend - This mission is map specific to Pipeline. The objective is to either secure the various valves located throughout the map, or to defend those valves from the enemy;

  6. Activated Objective - The mission objective is to defend the object of interest from being destroyed or try and destroy it. I found this mission type to be very well balanced, and involving a lot of teamwork and communication;

  7. Destroy - The objective is to defend new found equipment or try and destroy it. This mission objective is almost the exact same as Activated Objective.*

It’s not hard but what are you asking? >.>