AAA model requests (not 3 requests)

Well, this thread is half parody, half request.
(I’m Making fun of this thread:

I’m asking for Triple A models. A van and/or car and a ragdoll guy (hl2 guy’s head is fine) with some sort of triple A suit. It’s be fun to smash G-Man with a triple A van…

Still a great idea, got any reference pics of AAA people?

You mean the AA? It’s two A’s not three you dolt.

Huh, your right @.@ (why are they referred to as the Tripple A then?)

Curse my near perminent confusion :stuck_out_tongue:

wait, 2 A’s in Triple A. Please excuse my common sense.


They might not have any uniforms, well, Picture the Citizens Clothing. Clean that up, make it white, and put a triple A logo over the left breast pocket.

It is AA (i’m still confused as to why I thought it was AAA).

I’ll have a look at the citizen skins and see what I can do.

Edit: Found a pic of an AA van.

lol, how could we POSSIBLE think it were AAA…silly us…

Well Taconinja, you kept true to your word when you said you were going to request those models… I am truly honored I could be your inspiration…


And actually it is AAA, if you look here this is there logo,

and here is their home page,

Ah so its the american version (sort of), thats even worse why would I think it was that @.@ (i’m not american).

btw anyone know of a van model thats about that shape?