Aaae - 69

Also know as IWRYDOWABD-69
this is my first contraption that i think is worth releasing. It is an Anti Aircraft gun you can lock target by left clicking or mouse aim it shift for zoom ect ect

is 18 or so hours from now i will get more pics and/or a video.
what video editor do you guys use? karbine wont respond to me.

looks hot bro

Got enough vowels there?


It’s pretty cool tho, even if it is just a few props, it works.

More than a bit bland but it looks like it functions well

$ 10 to any one who geusses what “IWRYDOWABD” stands for

Video editor? Windows movie maker for me. I works well enough. All you have to do is drag and drop, trim you raw footage, import some music ( use audacity to edit or trim my audio sometimes), then save your finished project in the same aspect ratio that you recorded your video.<–IMPORTANT!!!

I think there are some youtube videos about how to save you videos in HD using WMM. The last few videos of mine have been in HD with no problem.

Shameless promotion of my youtube channel below?

I Want Ryan Yderling Doing Oprah With A Big Dildo.

There. give me my $10.

cool stuff man

I Was Really…

I’m a detail freak, so it’s really too plain for me. But it does seem to work very well, so yeah.

got the dildo part right

It will rape your dick off with a bloody dildo?

Do I win?

yes, and fuck you