"Aah! Sam Fisher! We meet atlast!"

This is my attempt to remake that scene. Two versions, diffrence is DoF and where Reed’s name is.

The DoF isn’t the best and Reed’s name isn’t exactly like the one in the real thing.
C&C, though, is welcome.

What is this?
I don’t even

press render next time.

Wai wai wait. . .Why is his guards splinter cell agents. . .but the guy who captured him is a metro-cop?

Why the motion blur?

Sam is being hit down
@Zup Tom Reed is the Director of 3rd Echilon after you kill lambert. So they are following orders, Theres a femal metrocop capturing him because nobody would port Grim and I don’t know how.
@Golden How?
@Attempted Its a recreation of the Scene in Splinter Cell Conviction where Grim brings Sam in front of Tom Reed in the Oval Office.