[ABA] Recruitment (Anti Bandit Association)

Hey guys its shotz I recently started a new group/clan called “Anti Bandit Association.” We are recruiting!

Who are we and what do we do?
ABA is short for Anti Bandit Association. We try out best to prevent KoS(Kill on sight) in games such as Rust,Dayz (Mod and SA). Our group is experianced some of our members have over 120 hours in rust and 500+ in Dayz!
We only kill on sight if the other player(s) dont say they are friendly, don’t cooperate, or attempt to flee. Any other clans we kill on sight unless allied with, same thing with certain players.

If you would like to join please fill out this application and questionnaire also add me on steam (sethcoffman):

Why do you want to join:
Hours spent playing rust and Dayz:
How often can you play:
Do you KoS often:
When is it acceptable to KoS:
Average FPS:
Do you have skype and or TS(If so what is your skype name):

FYI: the sethcoffman steam account only has 10.5 hours or rust, my other account has 120.

This is the way i like to play Dayz, perhaps i may choose to play this way in Rust. I currently do although i find that on my server currently there aren’t enough bandits who KOS yet. So it can get pretty boring when you run into 10 different people and no one decides to shoot at you because you don’t shoot at them either. I’m sure that will change though and ill be wishing that everyone didn’t shoot me on sight. its a good idea though and im sure you will get lots of applications. Or at least i hope you do. Also i think you meant FYI, not FWI. :slight_smile: Have a good night.

Thanks and yes I ment FWI :stuck_out_tongue:

This is soo stupid. Saying anti KOS but you have permission to do it lol. Who do you think you are to decide who lives and who dies. Dumb clan. If I would have time to waste with some faggots like you, I would come in your server and create a anti-ABA aka anti-stupidity clan.

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How do you guys sort out the truth though? What if somebody is the aggressor in an encounter then sounds more convincing in chat than the poor innocent bastard?

I know that in your stupid and gay head you saw the word cum instead of come. Im sad for you, the life of an addict sure be very difficult but ill try my best to respect your stupidity and your dumb ass clan.

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I was down for this until I saw that it’s ok to KoS in certain situations. Effectively making your group quasi-nice bandits.

I want a group that NEVER kills on sight. Ever. In fact, the only time you kill at all is if someone attempts to kill you first. And the only time you ever raid is if you’re raiding a confirmed bandit camp filled with guys that tried to raid/kill you first.

Seems to me you are no different from a bandit.