Abandoned construct

This is what gm_construct looked like after not playing it for two years. Poor map :v:



This is really, really boss. Reminds me of that GM_Construct replica I built on Flatgrass years ago.

i prefer the more vibrant version. good use of props though. maybe i’m out of touch with gmod but i don’t recognise a lot of the flora which made this quite refreshing for me, rather than that old ep2 grass effect i was expecting

thanks. most of the foliage is from portal 2.

good use of props! funny, Im currently working on a gm_construct based screenshot, too

Yeah, the more colorful one is definitely better. I like it, it’s really good.

Scenebuilds … sigh … something i really suck at.
So it’s nice to see some good ones.

Now we need a map version.

For a second I thought it was a map, which was why I was confused as to why it was in the Screenshots Section. Very well done.

i’d totally make a map like this if i wasn’t a terrible mapper :v:

Could you link me to it ? Cause i dont have the option to turn on Portal 2 props n such on gmod for some reason

I like how you did the door’s concrete being broken. But the proportion of it is a bit off - see, if the concrete weren’t broken then the top would extend past the door a bit.

Not that I blame you for that, this was pretty clever in general. Quite pretty.

I say that maybe someone standing there, looking at it might be a bit better.

just search “Portal 2” on garrysmod.org. if you look around you’ll find a full portal 2 model pack.

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i know what you mean but e.g. a citizen standing there would kind of ruin the look of it tbh.

This the one you mean ?

in that link is also a link to the FP thread where you will find a download link to the model pack

You should have put an NCR Ranger in there and made the picture brown for maximum abandoned-ness.

A gasmask-wearing opportunist with a Kalashnikov would have been even better.

I made me to enjoy the nature of gm_construct. It’s really lovely.

Thank you for the new wallpaper.

I request this be expanded into it’s own playable map. :v: