Abandoned Fortress on Rainy day


Another version I kind of didn’t like.


im running out of sexual lingos to say by this point

I inherently went for a sunset scene but didn’t like it


Statues and Water effects?

Statues are from Mask’s pack while the water effect is from Znalecc’s skyrim pack. Although I did use a distort filter for water on it.

The rain looks funky. Too thick?

I’ll admit seeing vegetation I put on the workshop used gives a nice feeling to my ego.

Very nice.

This is absolutely beautiful.

Fantastic work man!

sure feels rainy as hell

Reaaally digging this. I love the way the fog makes the towers/bridge/flag/gentlemen up there look so shady, and that sort of fog-shade effect is one thing I’m trying to master for my next pic

fantastic job

I kinda like the second picture better than the first one. Excellent work.

Perfect, really great work, damn I’d like to do something like this but me and astronaut stuck somewhere in cosmos for now. I think those blue and red vegetations look out of place in the first scenebuild, but in the second one they really fit.