Abandoned Tank Left in the Forest


A quicker scenebuild I decided to whip up sort of as practice. I gave myself the idea after a quick sketch I did:


I always liked the idea of vehicles being glorified plant pots, with all their intricate details and bits for greenery to cling on to and pour out of. The idea of super lush foliage like this always calms me, and the day I drew the picture was a pretty bad one.

Feedback welcome as always.

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Special thanks to VIox for this one. He went in and added some DoF effects with a PS plugin and the result is too good to pass


That looks hella good.

This is really good! Well done at recreating and paying more attention to detail. You could’ve improved it had I uploaded my addon that lets you combine my curvy trees with those smaller green bushes to make trees like this: http://www.wduwant.com/index_uploads/uploads/254c645d3d98.jpg

The mossy ground and overgrowth are deliciously good!

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You nailed the grass scattering. Glad the flower made it in (or out)

It had to. It wouldn’t be the same without it.

the tank itself could’ve used some more direct sunlight on it to make the whole thing stand out better

Originally it did but the texture blending darkened it and I had trouble trying to get around it without it looking really fake/out of place. I originally planned it to look like those pictures where there’s one clearing in the middle and it’s all glowy and has particles flying around all bright n’ whatnot but went against it because I wasn’t too sure how to hit it.