Abandoned warehouse map

Hey guys! today I started working on one of my first maps, an abandoned warehouse, I plan on primarily having it as a deathmatch map this is the first room that I’m still currently working on as I feel there needs to be more cover / a better layout but the other rooms I plan on making a lot tighter. hopefully, you guys find this pretty cool, and if you have any feedback I would love to hear it!


It’s a bit bare, maybe add some stuff on the middle/right side?

yeah still figuring out what I could put there to fill the space and the layout in general

id suggest a bunch of shelves with boxes like this maybe

thanks for the suggestion! gonna give it a try

Maybe use some more little levels of elevation, sort of like cs_assault’s warehouse? Catwalks, another platform or two, etc.

I like the window in the ceiling.

Here are some updates I’ve made!


Damn looks a lot better then before. Really like the leaves on the cieling.

I love the lighting! This would be a great prophunt map

thank you! and yeah i completely forgot about prophunt that could be pretty cool

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Looks great! What are the textures you are using for the floor and walls?

i like your work with lighting, but image

heh yeah i noticed that shortly after I posted its fixed now

The texture im using for the floor is floor_concrete_01_damaged_2dirt and the wall tilewall_base_3