Abduls 7/11 server lag free when not ddosed. fair play no admin abuse!! pvp and sleepers server is in Dallas

come on down guys we got alot of friendly players and we are willing to help noobs. even pro and vets are welcome come on by.

connect info
just put that in your f1 console looking forward to playing with everyone.

Server is awesome. Active admins. Helpful to new players. (like myself) try it out

Just left that server. WOW!!! No lag and cool admin. Finally a server worth playing on with no hacks. Adding it to my favs.

ty we appreciate your kind comments were looking for more players. so tell your friends plz and ty!!

Haha i cant get over the server name

Bump, everything you expect out of an official except for the hackers and lag


good server you guys got here, good admins


This server is pretty sweet, I really enjoy playing here. thanks for keeping everything fair. Also I just want to say this is the least laggy server I have ever played on. Thanks!

Bump 10/10

Server pretty much founded by two clans from US East Coast 3 that got tired of the hackers. Server leadership is made of from people from the two clans. We thrive to play Rust with little hacks or lag as possible. I been playing on this server for several days and haven’t seen any form of admin abuse. Lag is almost non existent and hackers will be ban on sight.

As a married man, this server has helped my sanity by actually allowing me to react to things without lag issues.

After dealing with DDoS attacks on official servers, I often found myself acting as if the world itself was lagging. I would stand in my kitchen for what seemed like hours, staring at the pot of water on the stove as it slowly went from ice cold to boiling hot.

How long was I standing there? What was I thinking? Is someone raiding my apartment? Should I run outside and start screaming at people near trees? Why am I naked in my kitchen?

Well, thanks to this server I can finally function normally so my wife doesn’t think I’m going batshit insane.

That is…I think I still have a wife…

If you are looking for a server in it’s new stages this server is definitely the one. I love that the hit boxes are so accurate and the lag really is minimal if any. The only admin used is to ban hackers on site. I really enjoy this server and there is plenty of room still left to grow. So come on in!


Here is our Steam community group. Will be posting updates and useful information here to communicate with players.

Just left the server again. I was having some issues with lag on my end and their admin marlin helped me fix it. And now im lag free. Great server and no hacks make Rust a great game.

Thanks Redd!

Bump just built a newbie beginners area so people can get started and learn the game with lil to no grief

Marlin is the man. Server is fun, solid squads forming. We’ve even helped new builders in our area. Come get started!