Abes GPC Flatgrass vW GMOD Map

“Abes GPC Flatgrass vW” is a Flatgrass type map with a water perimeter which is designed to repel the monotonous side-effects of the flatgrass concept after hours of enjoyment.


I designed it with the intention to keep the sparkly-fresh feeling the flatgrass map gives you while building. To provide my friends at GPC something that’s modern and stylish, yet completely unique to any other flatgrass map styles I’ve seen.


Many people may argue the flatgrass style has been done enough, but I would have to support both sides of this equation. So, you be the judge.


On one hand yes, there’s like 247 results for ‘flatgrass’ on the garrysmod.org website alone. “Eek who needs another flatgrass map”? On the other hand, the difference between 248 and 247 is very minute and to be honest I don’t think most flatgrass maps are very good, in fact I think most flatgrass map remakes suck.

The best flatgrass maps by far are the original and the revolution versions. For me those are the only two that have ever really stood out. I’ve spent countless hours playing on them, building things, destroying buildings, exploding various constructions, etc. but it was time for a change. We needed something simple yet complex enough to keep the GPC steam amused throughout the night.

So, this is what I came up with, and I thought it would be nice to share it with the world. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Let the downloads begin.

Download Abes_GPC_Flatgrass_vW:


Lighting is bland and textures are tiling quite obviously. (From what I can see in the screenshots)

I’ll go play it now and come back with proper CC


  • Okay I was wrong about the bland lighting. In fact it has NO lighting. It’s totally fullbright.
  • The brushwork, although nice, has crap texturing.
  • You haven’t nodrawn the sides of your water and the water is split up into lots of boxes.
  • It looks like you’ve used DX8 water.
  • No cubemaps
  • Generic, fullbright flatgrass map.
  • Suffers from the “door” bug. Spawning a door model makes all clients crash to desktop.

In no way does this “stand out” amongst the huge crowd of other shitty fullbright flatgrass maps.

All in all, I’ll take that response for my first official release of any Source SDK map to the public. Thanks for the quick response.

Brushwork seems to be my particular talent and I’ve actually assembled a team with hopes to help me texture things and add map entities.

I’ve made a lot more maps in Sandbox 1 and 2 for Farcry and Crysis but just got into mapping for GMOD. I have a css map with lots of lighting but lots of things I need to implement to finalize.

Does the flatgrass actually have anything but fullbright? I thought I was specifying that style due to it’s lack of additional lighting. Going for a map that used little resources based on lighting calculations and such.

I knew about the nodraw texture, but after compiling taking too long I was just trying to get something that would work with the pressure of my team to just release it. When we tested I didn’t see any lines so I figured nodrawing all other sides must not be imperative. There’s always v2 and I strive to fix my mistakes so I won’t stop here at working on this map.

When I tried a cubemap and then building cubemaps it gave me an error about the skybox file. I read an article somewhere about extracting your skybox textures relative to cubemapping but I couldn’t find the article for the life of me.

What does this “door” bug occur from of which you speak? Hmm we’ve been testing map for a few weeks now, without noticing the error.

I never stated this map stands out amongst them, just that the generic, and the revolution stand out to me. I wouldn’t expect #248 to stand out amongst the other 247 I just was emphasizing what more could another hurt. xP Perhaps another day that will be the goal, but today the goal was to release a complete map out of the 10’s I’m working on. Granted, I wasn’t expecting as much criticism, was hoping for about half that. No worries though I’ll do my best to get these problems straightened out ASAP, particularly cubemaps, nodraw and especially the door tool but aren’t cubemaps going to simply create more lag though? I was hoping that was worth not having on the flatgrass.

Tbo the main issue I had personally was compiling with anything other than fast vvis.exe seems to lock up my vvis. I know this is a n00b problem, and that I should work to optimize, but I removed pieces of map to test and still had same problem. Then I simply took a totally basic map and tried compiling and vvis on normal still sits for hours, when a few weeks ago my css map 1/10th the size, but easily has 100x more brushes took a few hours to compile. As far as I could tell I did thorough research on optimization to at least the point it should complete. I achieve 0 compile errors, it just seems to stop somewhere after “4…”

Anyway overall I’ve had decent responses from at least 10 other people so as far directly on the GPC servers so I’m assuming it’s just optimization I need to take care of.

I just got done watching some texture optimization videos yesterday, but still like i said I would much rather have people optimize textures for me, with different textures for every game it’s pretty wild to dig through them all learning them only to move onto another game and have completely new textures. I would prefer use custom textures but have only made custom textures for farcry and crysis, and it’s a lot more streamlined including them in maps with those as far as I could tell, along with lighting.

My only defense to any of the criticism would be aren’t the textures on any flatgrass map tiling?

10 responses from people that just play and don’t map shouldn’t be valid. It’s not just optimization, your map looks really bad.

Lol 3 of them map. But along with your second sentence as far as I can tell flaming never got anyone anywhere in the forums other than banned. Did you even play the map? lol

But anyway now you’re just criticizing reason aside from the map so your comment = NULL to me regardless of any other agreement.

10 responses from the people playing maps would actually be the most valid of all, just like in marketing they don’t ask the questions to the other CEO’s they ask actual customers. They might talk to some business colleagues about various things, but in the end they listen to the customer. When today many of the maps getting good reviews don’t even succeed in multiplayer maps for lag alone, it entertains me when someone goes out of their way to go beyond constructive criticism just for the resentment for creative talent along with their unwillingness to share reasonable knowledge that would help me make improvements.

I never asked for ‘valid’ responses by ‘valid’ mappers and to consider either of you to be anywhere near a ‘valid’ mapper I would have to see your own maps and community responses, and since I see zero maps available to public I’d naturally assume you’re so critical of your own work that you’re too afraid to release it. At the very least zero examples were provided to me of your own work, so if you’re hoping to be considered a ‘valid’ mapper it certainly won’t be here.

Helpful responses to aid in map development is one thing, but flaming is ban-able did you read the freaking TOS of this forum? Critique away I would love that, but flaming is for fags.

That was not flaming, that was telling the truth. Your map is unlit and eye-bleeding to look at for any length of time, it is generic, it is filled with tons of problems and has two huge watermarks on it which are horrid, amongst other things which I’ve pointed out.

You are just like the hundreds of other people we see here, showing off their beginner maps. We give them our constructive crit and they throw it back at us like it does not matter one bit and that their map is perfect.
I provided you, after play-testing the map, with a list of things you had done wrong with this silly notion in my head that you would read it, take it in, and actually do something about it. Clearly not, since your map is perfect because 10 people said so.
Those 10 people are most likely from your “team” or your community, they are obviously going to say that it is amazing just to please you, even if 3 of them are mappers they clearly are not very good ones if they cannot spot instantly that the map is fullbright.

Also there is a lot more to being a mapper than releasing every single map. We do not map to release, we map for fun, to share assets, to practice and to help each other out. If you want proof that I am a “Valid” mapper I refer you to my photobucket album: http://s238.photobucket.com/albums/ff100/matty3962/misc/

If that is not enough for you then fair enough, I do not have to sit here trying to help you improve. I can be elsewhere, helping people who appreciate my time and advice.

Reminds me of wirestruct, but worse.

Nah dude, I never said that your post was flaming I responded to Godzilla that ‘10 responses from people that just play and don’t map shouldn’t be valid. It’s not just optimization, your map looks really bad.’ was flaming. In that he simply said the map looks really bad without providing a single explanation or anything constructive for me to work with.

Selby, your post really helped me out. I appreciate it very much, and I see where you’re coming from with the map I released and especially the n00b errors I made with this piece. I never thought this map was perfect in the slightest bit lol. This is my first map released to public, tbo I don’t know if any map is period is perfect, so the last thing I would expect is for mine to be. I certainly strive toward that, but I set twice the goals I expect, simple business management tactics.

I still have one major question though because I was trying to create a flatgrass style map, which is; Isn’t the generic flatgrass map fullbright?

In my response to you I had concluded 'My only defense to any of the criticism would be aren’t the textures on any flatgrass map tiling? ’ So in no way did I find your post to not be helpful.

I’ve put 300 hours into HAMMER in the last 30 days. Primarily working on brush work, quite obviously. I have well over 10 levels, and this map was the one I cared about the last to be honest. That’s why I let it go first, because I knew there would be some criticism and wanted to get it over with before I let loose anything I actually cared about. Thank you Selby, seriously. So far you’re the only person who’s given me anything to work with from the map that I released and I don’t take that lightly. For the record I tried to change the icon to ‘beta’ but it never switched it, lol. Oh well.

Yeah, I like your work. Stylish, and modern yet full of artistic creativity. The first map I started a CSS/hl2dm map, is full of arches and hanging carpets, flags, and sculptures, various triggers, etc. But I admit, I am lacking in the field of lighting and when I first got into it I noted how much it increased compile times. I thought I had to use hammer to compile and so compiling from two pc’s seemed impossible with only one steam account but I grabbed Nem’s Batch Compiler earlier so it looks like it puts me in business for compiling while mapping. That’s going to be awesome. On the days I can I’ve been mapping literally 80% of my waking day, which can consist of a 50 hour awake period lol so as n00b as I seem, I’m the 1 out of 100 noobs that take my goals to the next level in all of my endeavors. So as I said, I do appreciate your feedback. Plus, you are certainly a valid mapper.

What game is that in? Looks pretty awesome. I especially like exciting and ancient feeling architecture. You’ve made the brushes from inside source sdk? What about the models? Guessing Maya or Max? I grabbed the exporters / importers for 3dsmax models but haven’t rendered anything yet since I wanted to get lighting down more and I have been hoping to find people to help with adding entities and such while I just start busting out the overall levels. I’m actually familiar with how to make decent custom textures and have made all sorts of various things for farcry / crysis but atm motivating the team is my primary concern and it’s been expanding very smoothly. As people take various roles I can spend less time administrating servers and more time pumping out complete levels, and honing my experience to streamline/develop/perfect/optimize my construction process of HAMMER Source SDK maps.

I’m not familiar with ‘wirestruct’ -looked it up on google but saw nothing. Lol, ‘worse’ would be another non-constructive criticism particularly irrelevant to anything but a specific negative opinion. No worries. Nothing could/can/will stop my perpetual insanity.

With another 8 hours work since my last post already managed to fix water, cubemaps, texture errors (lack of nodraw) texture revamps, door error, plus added piers, additional areas, secret admin area with button teleporter.

The optimizations reduced filesize and compile time. Also 3 friends from my servers have offered to join in on the development of this map. Granted only one of them has years of programming and development experience, the other two can help with texturing. Contrary to popular belief, every single person that’s joined server has been more than pleased with this map, although it certainly had some flaws. I particularly like the initial layout and think over time it could easily develop into a complex building setting.

Roughly 15 people have tried the map now, and I didn’t know at least 5 of them. The ones who didn’t know me were actually MORE impressed than the ones who did know me, odd yes… Well the ones who do know me have been on my other maps… which are a lot more exciting than this map. With names like ‘Aquaducts’ and ‘Pit Palace’ team members have been enjoying themselves a lot more on the less complete maps of mine, than this flatgrass. Due to the complexity of my other maps however I wouldn’t expect a release for at least a two to four more weeks, which is why I had released this guy. We’ll have a new version of the flatgrass within the next two weeks. This time, theoretically, criticism will be relative to actual objects on the map rather than n00b errors.

Thanks a lot for everyone’s time reviewing the map, and if anyone wants to play an somewhat interesting flatgrass map to see the barebones of what’s to come with it, regardless of any negativity I still invite you to try it out.