Ability to be raided while offline

One of my biggest issue with this game is that you spend hours upon hours upon hours crafting, and scavenging for resources and when you log offline your stuff isn’t “locked” persay. Meaning that if you log off some one can come over and break open your door, kill you, and steal your stuff. It is highly frustrating to have spent all that time to come back at your next login and have to start completely over. Some people might say you should secure your items better. However if say i can only spend a couple hours playing and have to log off then I don’t have enough time to build a base big enough to have it all secured. I understand that this is one of the mechanics of the game, but it honestly just makes me want to never play the game again. I do understand this is alpha, but i hope the dev’s see this as an issue and fix it soon.

It isn’t an issue, it was specifically put in. If you don’t like it, play on a server labelled “no sleepers” or “non-sleepers”

These threads are really getting old. Honestly it takes just 2 seconds of thought to realize you need some sort of protection, as in, a house with metal doors. Normally hidden locations are best, for obvious reasons.

There are many tips to house design as well including multiple doorways that players are forced to go through, multiple stairs, and multiple floors. Obviously this is a heavy investment into your home building and initial resource usage, let alone the time. However, all of this together gives you not only a safe location when you are offline, but also out gathering, raiding, or other times you are away; rest assured your items are secure! (Assuming you build a maze of doors to stop those silly raiders [minus abusing admins/dupers and unlimited stocks of c4. Not like you could stop this anyways…]) :words:
So I also recommend when you start some where to ensure you have the time available to dedicate to such a building. You are upset your time investment is lost, well you need to put time in to protect it. Makes absolute sense to me. :eng101:

</3 Non-sleeper servers (greedy hoarders!) :yarr:

This topic has been discussed over and over and over again. What people fail to understand is that this isn’t a stockpiling game. For some people having a large base with tons of doors and piles of resources tends to work (and most of the time it will, to some extent). If it doesn’t for you (because of time limits), then adapt. Build smaller bases, hide them better and spread out your valuables over different bases.

At the end of a Rusty day, it’s not the one with the largest base or the most kevlar vests who wins.
It’s the player who adapts and survives.

I don’t think the devs see this as an issue at all, I think it’s a very deliberate game mechanic.