Ability to compose music

NOTE: This is JUST A SUGGESTION FOR FUN! This isn’t final or going to be forced into the game. This wont halt game development because I had an idea. It’s just a suggestion down the road, so don’t over react people.

So yeah, aside from playing twinkle-twinkle little star on your guitar in RUST, there’s really NOTHING else you can play on it. It becomes a useless toy really quickly only suitable for trolling.

So how could we possibly compose music on here? Easy (Relatively):

  • When holding an instrument, press the RMB to enter ‘music mode’ (Or sit down if you are using a Piano)
  • When in this mode, your keyboard becomes your instrument (A good example of this is Virtual Piano. Google if you want to get where I’m coming from)
  • You could find music sheets online or write your own in game using paper
  • Music sheets could be sold on the market
  • Instruments will automatically record music you play (Pressing LMB ends your session)
  • HOLDING the RMB will replay what you played last in a loop or until you let go of the RMB

Keep LMB if you want to be annoying and spam. :wink:

Instruments that should be considered:

  • Piano (Easily done, just copy what Virtual Piano did)
  • Trumpet
  • Drum (TOTALLY doable just use 1 and 2 and 3 for hitting the sides)
  • Recorder (Just like in kindergarten)
  • Banjo (Cuz why the fuck not?)
  • Violin (Maybe)
  • Harmonica (Probably one of the better ones on this list)
  • Cowbell (Because you always need more)

Anyway, Just throwing this out there. Like I said, I’m just dumping ideas into the forums. Don’t get salty. <3
Here are some links in case you guys want to get a good idea what I’m getting at:**

Guitar: http://www.adamsguitar.com/acoustic.html

Piano: http://virtualpiano.net/


I almost forgot…

Mutha. Fukkin’. Bagpipes:

Rust is a survival game, not Finale. I think that this would be just used for more trolling tbh.

There is already so much trolling as it is. With the guitar the way it is, no one uses it anyway, so I doubt this would make much of a difference. Sorry, but I disagree. No one uses the Guitar anymore, at least now they will be able to play badass music while they raid a base.

I feel this is an important addition to the game, it would completely add to the quirkiness as well as help FACEPUNCH earn a few extra bucks. I just imagine someone standing in the back of a truck going 100 MPH with a dude in the back playing a flaming bagpipe lmfao!

those aren’t bagpipes, they are … badpipes :cool:

look, maybe these things would be interesting in game; the guitar was put in one afternoon on a whim, and in all honesty it’s pretty basic. it’s not used because a) it’s implementation is pretty crappy making it hard to use, and b) because rust is mostly a combat game. these things would suit gmod better, but are probably not worth stretching too far into for rust.

in other words, i can see them fixing the guitar, but i don’t see much else being added.

Eh, I figured too much optimism is better than a little pessimism. I’d rather have a bunch of ideas to play with and see where it goes. Obviously not all of these will be added. (Unless the Devs find this to be a brilliant idea) But I’d at least want the guitar to be improved… And bagpipes…

OH wait sorry, Badpipes :cool:

Wingz marked this as dumb, but I distinctly remember this guy being the coolest in the entire Mad Max movie and he only used an instrument. :wink:

Assemble a 40 man orchestra for when the salty kids you raided overnight get online. Harps essential.

I personally think the Idea is great it opens a new way ingame to be creative besides the Art.
I would kinda sit like 1-2 Hours just to renote: dragonforce - through the fire and flames.
And play that :DD while raiding

Only if I’m going to be able to craft drums from skulls.

They could make it so when you play music people in your group get a minor buff.

Hahah! That’s going down the dangerous MMO road, careful. But don’t worry, it gives you a moral boost. :wink:

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Or make drum sticks out of them with a skull on the end. :dead:

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Or Metallica lmao

Ya know, if radios get added into the game, music might become a little more important.

That would be awesome. Have an open radio channel. Whoever controls the radio tower can talk to everyone in the game and make his own radio station lmfao!

Or at least until someone comes by and kills him.

I’m sure the RIAA & DMCA would love to just hear about this one

Fuck both of 'em. :wink:

Reign of kings did a pretty good job with the flute https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYC4wOVijGU something similar to that could also be an idea

I learned how to play “Smoke On The Water”… I can teach you… haha

Wow that’s brilliant. That could work for a few things I’ve suggested as well if not almost all of them. The Bagpipes would be perfect for that. :wink:

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Haha, well, let’s get this suggestion in the game first. :wink:

Expanding the instruments in game is something I’ve been thinking about a bit :slight_smile: Low priority right now but it is something I’d like to do!

I like this idea. It gives players something to do other than destroy other peoples things and I think if done correctly would attract different audiences other than angry KOS russians.

I don’t know; flaming bagpipes are pretty high on my priority list.

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Exactly. :slight_smile: Plus I’d find it would add to the whole “wasteland” theme since music would be their only moral.