Ability to defend your own home from raiders on the PvE server

There should be some means of defending your own base, I suggest making a buildable object that requires no maintenance but is time based that enables PvPing within say 300 meters but can only be placed on a foundation, to nullify the possibility of killing your friends you should also add a grouping system that has a marker of sorts above who ever is in your group, which the grouping system should nullify damage to anyone within your group.

Edit: The object should be only found on PvE servers obviously it would be useless on PvP servers

This is a good idea how else would we defend ourselves on a PvE server against childish raiders and C4 explosive kiddies?

you can fix that by not playing pve because it sucks

Not everyone plays rust for PvP.
I personally enjoy the teamwork, building a home and a community.
We put serious effort in creating a society on the PvE server and it’s getting ruined by 12 year olds who abuse the non-combat element for easy raids.

They’re too much of a chicken to go to PvP, because they’ll get torn apart by kevlar squads.
So instead, they waste their time placing buildings over people in PvE, trying to lock them in, and of course on raids and griefing.

More people quit rust every day because they’re tired of getting locked up for 10 minutes, every hour.
Sadly, the solution might not be as simple as many people think.

Solution is as easy as not playing lol…

Well yeah I think players should not be able to build a 5-10 foundations next to you wich would prevent locking up for locking someone up you will need to be some rich bastard tho and risk taking that much to there.

You can say the same for PvP that shoot first ask questions later mentality makes it impossible for anyone with no gear to start up because all anyone does is shoot everything regardless

I think that its the best how it is now…
Maybe it should be a bit harder to blow op some constructions like: 4 C4’s instead of 2 C4’s for a Metal Door.
Cause if you cant raid someone then a whole part of Rust will be fucked up…

You still should be able to raid someone but not as easy as how it is now.

If you want to be better protected then you should do this:
Make a home 3x3 rooms and 5 high.
Make a doorway for the the middle room and make stair in it.
Then place your crates on the third floor so its hard to get in.
Protect every room with metal doors.

I know that its hard to make but then you will have a little project to work on :slight_smile:

Good Luck survivors!

(Btw Im dutch so sorry for my English)

whats the point of having the raid function if you cant fight back?

There was a post by a dev few days ago, that they are working on something to counter the out of control raiding on the PVE servers.

Will see if I can locate it.

Sorry was more to do with trapping people inside their homes when they are offline…least its something!


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Uh no, this isn’t a good idea. It won’t prevent raiding, a group of people will break into your house, place one of these and kill you. There you go, you lost all your stuff on your person. It won’t prevent raiding, it will just make the NonPvP server completely PvP.
All you will have to do is carry a foundation and place the pvp “flag” on it. wa-lah you can kill anyone around you.