Ability to download packs


I like the idea. A nice addition would be support for the SVNs of these addons. I assume you meant this in the first place.


Sounds like an awesome idea.

make this post in the ToyBox section… ALSO! post the idea here:

That’d be nice, although I think it’d be nice to somehow compress huge packs like PHX and Wiremod. I mean out of anything I’ve ever downloaded, those probably lag my entire computer the most.

Although this idea is a nice one, I forsee a few complications;
First, some mods (like PHX) are very large in size and would require a far different downloader to the one in-game.
Second, alongside the issue of size, a lot people’s download speeds would be a very limiting factor to these packs being downloaded in a timely fashion.
Third, dedicated servers (to my knowledge) don’t have a way to download/update these packs, and there is a threat of insecurity (for server hosts and administrators alike) if an in-game solution to this problem is made.

Just my 2 cents.

I have seen a 300mb file compressed to 5mb with no real problems. Would just take some extracting.

So it’s either an hour downloading the file, or five minutes downloading the file then 55 minutes extracting it? I understand the more you compress a file, the longer it takes to de-compress it, else everything would be 5mb.