Ability to edit original post

this requires some context:

i made this original post yesterday detailing a new map concept i published to the workshop, here is the link to that original post: Street firefight s&box concept

earlier today, i decided to update the map and swap it from it’s origin add-on folder to it’s own dedicated add-on folder as i noticed the file size was a bit large (1.7GB) and did not want to weigh down user’s hard disk space, so i placed it in it’s own dedicated add-on folder resulting in a low download size (around 177MB).

after this update was complete, i wanted to update the original post to feature the new workshop link as the original workshop link is now defunct. however upon looking at my own original post, while logged in, i was not able to make any edit whatsoever, the button for edits simply did not appear.

since i wanted the new workshop link to be featured within the main body of the post, i made the subsequent [update] post ([update] street firefight concept) featuring the new workshop link as well as detailing new elements such as added weapons and enemies. on the first line of that new post, i addressed the issue i was having however other users decided to flag the post, causing it to be hidden.

now the [updated] post cannot be accessed, nor can users access the new and most current workshop link, only the defunct old workshop link is available to users, which is not what is intended.

all this to say, please allow the ability to make edits/changes to your posts!

thank you

You can update original posts when you get a certain reputation level. You can read more about it here. It exists to stop users that are not “trusted” from editing a post and thus making the thread impossible to understand. You’ll get access to editing original post if you’re active on the forums.

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For now I would say just reply the new stuff on the post

thank you very much for providing the resource regarding trust levels, i was not aware of this.

definitely a learning experience and something to get used to!

thanks again.