Ability to hang out of windows

This has probably been mentioned before, but what I would like to see added is the ability to hang out of windows in your house, so that you can see further down toward the base of your house. I understand that this will give more of an advantage to those who are in their base, so make it to where if you are actually hanging out of your window you have the chance of your backpack falling to the ground when you die and losing your loot. What does everyone think?

No on the backpack dropping if you die. Other than that it’s a great idea.

Why would you drop your backpack? Also, hanging out of your window would make you more vulnerable to being shot.

The reason I mention the backpack dropping when you die is that it is already a huge advantage fighting from your base and an even bigger advantage being able to fire out of windows. Thus, the ability to hang out of your windows to increase view distance and viewpoints would give an even greater advantage than the ones already stated. Therefore, to make it a bit more fair for those who are shooting at you from outside, if they are able to catch you hanging out of your window then you have the slight chance of your gear falling out.

Not if you pop out real quick then back in, which would be the point to adding this ability.

People inside already have it tough when a few people with c4 come knocking, being able to defend yourself is a GOOD thing.

I feel like exposing yourself completely while leaning outside of a window is a good enough balance for the advantage of being able to see pretty much straight down.

Yeah, true. Backpack or no backpack drop, if the idea of leaning out is implemented I’d be happy about it! :slight_smile:

Why not just add leaning into the game? Simple as that.

drop a small crate next to window, climb on top of it - totally hanging

I just tried that and it doesn’t quite work as I had in mind because you’re basically crouched inside the window and fully exposed and unable to pop in and out quickly due to the fact that you’re crouched.

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This is untrue in my experiences on the different servers I’ve played on. We always build a giant base that is basically impenetrable unless you have a lot of c4 and choose your walls carefully. Most people who have attempted to raid us have blown up a couple of walls, but were unable to make it inside because they would blow up a wall and we’d be waiting right there behind it ready to blast them. It’s like bringing an army to a giant castle or fortress. The majority of the time the castle has the upper hand. Yes, being able to defend yourself is a good thing, but in my opinion there’s already a huge advantage for those who are in the base so that’s why I mentioned the backpack being dropped to make it a little more fair for the other side.