Ability to pick up backpacks

I was thinking whilst looting a player you should be able to pick up a players backpack and have the ability to carry it. They could implement a weight system that slows you down when you pick it up.
(Just a quick post)

Maybe with a weight system, but not based on how much they’re carrying, but just a permanent speed debuff when picked up. Walk a little faster than crouched but slower than walking.

On the other side, I think that defeats the purpose of defending a friends loot

I can’t wait for the ability to craft better backpacks (or find them).

Yeah yeah, I know, this sounds like copying DayZ but, let’s be honest, they have some pretty cool features.

Yeah DayZ has the awesome BackPack feature, which i think should be added to rust for even carrying more and just making it look a way better. Also you can maybe change out backpack for example your a newspawned and kill a Kevlar afk guy so instead of taking hes items just shift BackPack, just an idea.

Exactly what I would of said if I had the time.

in S.T.A.L.K.E.R, you would walk slower if your backpack was full.

in rust they could make weapons increase your weight, and other materials would not do this.
cool things: you could be faster than guys with guns, so harvesting would be probably safer, this would also make people choose between melee weapons and guns, since you could run faster with the hatchet( if you didn’t had guns in your backpack to slow you down)