Ability to punch people

Add the ability for us to use our hands.Maybe ability to punch people,strangle them,or even push them off a cliff ?

Yes!!! Please add the ability for us to point middle finger too!!!:rock:

Rightclick for a bitchslap.

Please Garry, we want that. :v:

i was thinking last night about the new item editor and things i could suggest. I had the idea for a cestus, basically is a leather mitt you wear on your hand that has spikes or rivets on the back of it. But that idea fell short considering there was no punching. Some kind of punching, with fist weapons or not, might give melee a boon when your rock wont cut it, and your hatchet is at home. We could have gladiator games!

I haven’t counted how often I wanted to locate one of the kiddies who spam the ingame chat with “he’s hacking!” or “i was killed! fucking bandits! admin help! admin? admin sucks!”, go towards them and just punch them in the face. Then turn around and go away. Of course you can do that with the handstone but punching would represent my feelings more

Also then I could finally build my wolf trap. Go up to a newbee, tell them “I have some useful stuff for you”. Then lead them to a room and push them inside. The room contains trapped wolves that are all called “Mr. Snuggles”. I would then run around the trap room and yell “Food for Snuggles!”

good idea

rock hits harder than hands imo not a dayz clone, why make it do something that u can in dayz

If this gets added, it’ll be like DarkRP

-banned for punchwhoring-

yes lets remove guns, clothing and also moving because they are in dayz


Punching is a normal human ability. Not something that was created in dayz

And on the 8th day, God said…“Ahh man, I’m beat, Dayz can have credit for everything else”

IDK man rocks are cool

Punch would be awesome and could even help balance the game.

Less damage than rock, but faster speed. About 8 or 9 melee damage would be appropriate, at hatchet speed or a little greater.

Pushing would be even better

Kick them like in Chivalry.

Imagine those Kevlar guys standing chasing naked man and kicking him across the map. :v:

[quote=“Wyvyrias, post:13, topic:170550”]

Kick them like in Chivalry.

Imagine those Kevlar guys standing chasing naked man and kicking him across the map. :

Great idea! Fist fights are essential for such a game!

That would be the funniest!!

If punching was added, I say bare handed punching should be non lethal. Rather, you punch them enough you incapacitate them/knock them unconscious rather than killing them. You could cobble together a crude studded knuckle or possibly a katar for punches that are lethal.

what about the more nonviolent gestures such as hugs and spooning?

Ofcorse it needs to be in the game! It’s just natural. And I was thinking about you also can gather resources with bare hands, if in any case you lost you’re rock or don’t have it with you. But when gathering with bare hands it hurts you like 5hp a hit. Maybe even start off bare handed and make the stone (big starter stone) crafteble, like 5x stones makes big stone…!?