ability to "recognise" friends

Currently in game play… you need to be on top of a person to see a name or hear the voice. And for those with no voice communication, the only way to tell a friendly is to be on top of said person and get their name plate up.

Is it possible to implement a way to recognize friends or even people from a distance away. IRL I can tell my friends by what they wear or by distinctive features. or even how that walk. In rust, everyone dresses the same…looks the same… so it makes for a hard time to recognize bandits from people you know.

maybe a further nameplate popup toggle?

The current system over balances in favor of the bandit and we need to recognize at say 100 meters if that’s a friendly or not.


Customization and additional clothing options are already planned. Nameplates are visible only very close for a reason.

so your saying… IRL you don’t know your buddies until your 10 meters from them?

even if it is to be implemented… its not on high priority… making the game heavily slanted in being a bandit…

even if there is 6 people on a server and one of them is a bandit… that person knows they can shoot anyone they want… the other 5 have to get within 10 metres of the bandit to actually know they are a bandit…

if you could recognize if its a player you know or not sooner… you don’t need to be a deer coming to hunters.

see the problem now?

Welcome to alpha testing.

Also, you may want to read this. This is from a blog post on the official Facepunch Studios blog:

Rust isn’t about making you safe.

with four uniforms… its not hard to dress in Kevlar like everyone else.

even with an increased distance nameplate, it doesn’t take away from anything posted there.

your guards know people by sight…in a town of 10… its easy to know who are friends by visual.

not asking for anything distinguishing… just an increased range on nameplate. then you wont shoot a buddy because they do not have a mike and rather than wait till they are closer… you shoot them anyway. this takes away from players freedom section of the article.

Name plate distance, sure. I’d never read that article before blue, but I love that he’s not going to change anything to discourage players killing eachother. Love the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. references too.

Making friends is hard, but the most valuable loot in the game. My base got raided today so I got pissed off and started breaking down the first door I saw, guy logged on and asked me to stop. Gave him a peace offering of some pick axes (Was wiped a few hours ago) and later he helped me kill some guy chasing me with a rock. We’re building a large base now outside big rad town with several of his friends and mine.

I love the trust aspect.

That guy who raided my base? He was naked and beat down the door until I ran out of ammo and eventually got inside. Told him that was fun, good job, etc. he got all my stuff, including an mp5 and shotgun.

Later on he said he felt bad and the shotgun ended up getting him a lot of loot, so he came back decked out in full kevlar and an m4 and gave it back to me. That was pretty fucking amazing to me, I expected him to destroy me and the friends I had made.

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On topic, Rust is striving to be something a little different. The fact that you can’t see names until close up is very much intentional. If someone comes running for you, you need to decide whether you want to take the first shot or wait until he gets closer and see if he’s friendly.

If he’s a KOSer, you should’ve taken that first shot, and if his body language and the way he approached you didn’t tip you off, that’s player skill at work.

Again, if you can’t handle this, there are plenty of other games that don’t act like this.

Ah shit sorry, I’m used to titles being…much smaller than the user’s name.

I like the freedom idea i really do, but there is a huge amount of bandit killing.

first 12 people i met 11 shot me down without a word and the last only acted friendly cause he had a hatchet and I a shotgun.

This isn’t like real life, i mean in a survival people tend to work together a bit more, but due to the anonymous internet mask and instant respawning people can just go around murdering people with rocks over and over. or walking up to the first house they find and beating down the door.

I understand your idea of freedom and applaud it, the developer for dayz has the same idea. Both games have a high rate of banditry and people getting frustrated though and that makes it more realistic and less fun.

I own both games, but i’m honestly favoring rust because of the freedom to build, that was a selling point for me.

I do expect some great things from this game and eagerly look forward to every update.

If my friend is running toward me irl, I recognize him/her from a hell of a lot farther away that 10 meters. Having said that, I don’t think they should just pop up a name from 50 or 75 meters away…unless their your in-game friend…something both parties have to agree to in game If their not it should display a “?” or some-such non distinguishable sign. Point being; if the player is really a friend, you should be able to recognize them from at least real life distances. If their not, you shouldn’t be able to see who they are at all.