ability to reverse engineer items

Say you made to many of something or you looted stuff you already had. could there be a way to get the mats back from it even at a steeply lower amount than what it takes to make them?

I’ve been thinking this same thing since day 1 of me owning the game. I currently have a chest with over 15 guns in it that I dont use.

That’s more or less scavenging, research kits reverse engineer. It’s still an awesome idea. I wouldn’t mind a 10% return on the materials used to make it.

There are recycle boxes in the game, but I’ve not seen one.

In the future I’m sure their use will be changed to what you suggest.

Im going to check that out see if i can spawn one on my server.

thanks for the info ** The Real **

No Item named :Recycle Box: to give!

Spoiled again…its not in game yet.

I’ll try a recycle box also once my server is up

Yeah that sounds like a really good idea. Maybe a timbersaw would be a good sort of crafting space needed to reverse engineer.